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Our relationship with our insurance agents and brokers is valuable to us. Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance is committed to providing a high level of service to you and your clients through our innovative insurance products and risk management services. Join our insurance network of agents and brokers today!

New to Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance?

If you are new to Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance, you can still request a quote by completing and submitting applications from our Applications page.

In order to bind business, we require that you complete our New Broker Packet prior to placing your first account. In some states, a carrier appointment may also be required.


For additional information on the Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance competitive advantages, service territories, testimonials and broker support services, visit the Glatfelter Difference.

Licensing Requirements

You will also need to provide additional information to our Licensing Department, who can answer questions you may have. Contact them at Specifically, you will need to provide:

  • Your legal entity or sole proprietor name
  • Specific program name(s) of interest (i.e., ambulance services)
  • Your resident license state

Once complete, you will receive an email with a link to our secure, web-based producer on-boarding site with instructions for completing required licensing forms and attaching documents.

If you have any questions about our producer on-boarding process, please contact our Licensing Department at: 717.741.0911.

Once Approved

Approved agents and brokers gain access to:

  • Producer Center – Your secure access point to Glatfelter Commercial Ambulance’s online services. Once you have a registered online account with us, you will have access to resources, information and online transactions designed to help you service your accounts and conduct business more efficiently.
  • Electronic Document Receipt (EDR) – You will be notified via email that policies, endorsements and/or invoices have been added to your account through our Producer Center for your review and/or action.
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