EMS Operations

Get useful tips and tools to support ambulance driver safety and help ambulance services prepare for and respond to transport calls.

EMS Operations Resources

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Cellular Telephone Use in EMS 12/13/2016
EMS Patient Refusal Checklist 12/14/2016
Incident Exposure Record 12/15/2016
Infectious Exposure Form 12/16/2016
Logistics For Handling Bariatric Patients 12/17/2016
Patient Handling 12/18/2016
Patient Refusal Information Sheet 12/19/2016
Patient Refusal Information Sheet (Spanish) 12/20/2016
Airway Verification Form 12/21/2016
FAA Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule 12/22/2016
EMS Event Standby Agreements 09/27/2017